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Ceres and Dedalo, certified acoustic fabrics
25 may 2015

Ceres and Dedalo, certified acoustic fabrics

Absorbing and reducing noise levels in homes, at restaurants and offices, at concert or conference halls, cinemas or auditoriums… That’s what Ceres and Dedalo do. Contract (fire retardant) fabrics from Equipo DRT which are now certified as acoustic fabrics. Captivating fabrics – not just visually or aesthetically – but even acoustically!

The World Health Organisation states that «noise seriously damages human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, at work, at home and during recreation time».

Now contributing to noise reduction are Equipo DRT’s Ceres and Dedalo fabrics, certified as acoustic fabrics with an absorption coefficient of 0.6 in a coverage ratio of 0 to 1 pursuant to ISO 11654, which gives the weighted sound absorption coefficient under normal use and identifies the formula by which these are measured, the assessed absorption degree: α= 0.6 (0-1).

Ceres and Dedalo are therefore acoustic absorption materials, apart from being ideal for decoration, using an effective and recognised method for reducing noise levels within work or living areas and adjusting acoustic conditions in concert or conference halls, cinemas, auditoriums, offices and homes.

And homes are undoubtedly the place where we should feel as relaxed and comforted as possible, sheltered and protected by the elements we use for decoration. After all, don’t we say to others, make yourself at home when we want them to feel comfortable? And this is what this new range of fabrics can do, both acoustically and aesthetically, due to their warmth and beauty, offering great decoration and noise reduction. The same is true for work space, where echoes can reduce concentration levels, or in leisure areas, where sound pollution often prevents us from relaxing and having a quiet talk.



To achieve better acoustic absorption levels, neutralise noise, echoes and unwanted sounds, characteristics such as air flows and curtaining and insulating materials should be taken into account. Higher sound absorption rates can be achieved by doubling curtain layers, meaning that for each lineal metre of wall, two metres of fabric are needed.

To solve this, Ceres and Dedalo are two acoustic fabrics with a wide range of decorative possibilities in a total of 49 colours, 51% Trevira CS + 49% polyester, certified as Class 1 Fire retardant, and now, in addition, Equipo DRT has converted them into acoustic fabrics for noise reduction in areas where they not only decorate, but also provide a healthier, noise-reduced space in which to work or play.

In other words, they not only captivate in the visual sense, but they capture noise and make our surroundings more agreeable to the ears.

Ceres and Dedalo, two fabrics with lots of added value… for noise-reduced environments.

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