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Nature flows through Maiz’s threads
2 july 2020

Nature flows through Maiz’s threads

Equipo DRT launch their new indoor-outdoor fabric collection, a newly inspired take on nature’s textures. It be named Maiz, or “corn,” and with good reason.

Think about corn, that towering, yet slender plant with long, alternating leaves. Visualize it, leaves fluttering in the wind. When observed from afar, it impresses with its height and the lively, fluid motion of its leaves. This natural feeling is what we’ve attempted to convey with Maiz, the new indoor-outdoor fabrics by Equipo DRT.

With its soft colors and textures, Maiz seduces the eye up close with a stylized taper; at a distance it reads as a false solid. Like corn and its leaves. It’s a question of how you look at it, from what angle you look at it, and how much you let yourself get carried away by the nature that flows through Maiz’s threads.

Twelve colors – or twenty-four, depending on how you look at these new fabrics by Equipo DRT. This double-sided upholstery fabric in 140 cm width is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Treated with Teflon, these fabrics are resistant to sunlight, water and oil repellent, machine washable and mould resistant. Allow yourself to be inspired by nature. Just picture it.

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