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Summer is coming and, with it, Equipo DRT’s outdoor fabrics, now also flame-retardant!

08 May 2018

Is it possible to decorate outdoor spaces such as terraces and hotel gardens with fabrics of the best quality, great textile design, and, on top of that, an essential protective extra? The answer is yes. And it has a name: Equipo DRT’s outdoor fabrics Floralis, Saler, Malvarrosa, Russafa, Matiscal, Alboraia, Licuala, Tiki, Rio, and Savina.

Starting this summer, 2018, the textile editor has introduced an important upgrade to these outdoor fabrics. Along with the characteristics typical for this type of covering (sun-resistant, water and oil repellant Teflon finish, and mould-resistant), these fabrics have new colors and prints, innovative shapes and decorative qualities and, most importantly, all of them are flame-retardant. This allows them to fulfill all the requirements and to pass all the necessary certifications for collective and contract use.

Thanks to a modification at the molecular level in the properties of the actual fibers that comprise each fabric (thus eliminating the need for any finish coats on the surface), the fabric itself may burn, but a flame would never spread.

What better way to both decorate and protect a space? The Mariscal, Licuala, Tiki, Rio and Savina collections, Equipo DRT’s vibrant outdoor fabrics, now also flame-retardant.

outdoor fabrics moodboard equipodrt

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