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Esmirna 339 Ultramar

Ref. 17876

Esmirna is a densely woven upholstery fabric with the look of the Mediterranean decorating style. Its fresh and bold two-coloured stripe design invites us to take a journey through cultures, textures and ethnic motives. The linen and jute fibers add a pleasant and natural touch to this fabric.

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36% Yute/Jute - 34% Visc. - 15% Lin. - 15% Pol.


140 cm.


650 gr.



Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Valid for

Care instructions

Other colours

440 Pistacho


440 Pistacho

Ref 17877

663 Caldera


663 Caldera

Ref 17879

884 Romeral


884 Romeral

Ref 17874

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