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10 Reasons to Use Curtains and Drapery

04 July 2016

Why do we use curtains at home? Or better, why do some people not have curtains at home and which basic comforts are they missing in their day-to-day life?  If you are not convinced yet, here are ten reasons why you should use them:

PRIVACITY: Fabric curtains prevent people outside the home from seeing directly into the it. Fabric curtains provide privacy, as we can choose when to block the view from the outside.

LIGHT FILTERING: having natural light filtering the room or blocking direct sun will depend on your fabric selection. It is your choice to allow as much natural light as you wish. This will create different effects as the light passes through the fabric: colors will become warmer and shadow reflects will vary depending on the design and structure of your curtain.

ACOUSTIC COMFORT: curtain fabrics not only filter the light, they also help to block the sound. Fabrics are sound-absorbing, an ideal choice to reduce noise from the outside. Nice and easy!

COLD AND HEAT INSULATION: if it’s cold outside, close the curtains to keep your house warm. If it’s a sunny day, get hotter indoors pulling your curtains wide open and manage direct sunlight into the room as you wish. There is nothing better than playing with curtains to cool your room during summer days…and nights!!

DECORATING: Traditionally, decorating is the main reason we use fabric curtains. Fabrics decorate living and dining rooms, bedrooms and every single corner in our houses; their colors and textures add a beautiful look to any scheme.

DESIGNING OUR HOMES: We spend a lot of time choosing the right furniture, the perfect paint color for the walls or the must-have art piece to decorate the living room. These are major decisions to take, as their consequences will affect our day-to-day life. Remember there is one more choice to make: curtain fabrics. There is no design project truly completed until the fabrics are in place.

FURNISHING FABRICS CREATE STYLISTICH COHERENCE IN THE DESIGN PROJECT: Fabrics decorate and play like a candy wrapper: an interior design scheme is cold without fabrics, as it is less “sweet”…

FABRICS ARE THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO HIDE STRUCTURE ELEMENTS: Obviously this is not a romantic reason; however it is the most functional. There are some features of our house we want to camouflage: window frames, plasterboard ceilings, radiators… Fabric curtains are a stylish solution to cover what’s behind…and we are also adding value to the scheme!

FIRE RETARDANT: FR Fabrics add real value to people’s live as they are more resistant to fire than others. The offer of FR fabrics in increasing and so does the demand, both for residential and commercial projects. FR Fabrics are always a good choice.

CULTURAL: Doubtless, using curtains or not depends on the country’s cultural practices. In some areas homes and offices have been dressed with fabric curtains for ages… But, what happens if using curtains is not a standard in your country and you dare to break the rules embellishing your windows with them? Just try… You will be the envy of the neighborhood with your warm and cozy living room!



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