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“Artist textiles”

14 April 2014

Artists designing fabrics. Fabrics which are pieces of art… Architecture, sculpture and painting; the classical and decorative arts, the way artist have carved, sculpted and immortalized beauty for centuries. Buildings, busts or paintings have been capturating the scence of real or fictional characters. Decorative arts have been the brush which key artist have created their oniric worlds and have covered our imaginary with landscapes, flower bouquets and sunsets that will be remembered forever and ever.

What about the art that fabrics bring to us? And so it is. Threads and textiles give birth to absolutely marvellous creations as stunning and admirable works of art as Rubens or Dali’s masterpieces. Because printed fabrics transform decorative textiles into pieces of artwork for adding delight into any scheme, as any painting will do.


The “ Artist Textile” exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, in London, will showcase until next 17th of May more than 200 masterpieces… fabrics designed by the most significant and notable exponents of the 20th century; Dalí, Picasso, Matisse, Miró, Warhol or Henry Moore.

Floral designs, landscapes, urban recreations or even patterns that come across everyday. These images were (and so they are) some of the scenes represented into these textile designs, compositions which can be linked to key European and American art movements like Fauvism, Cubism, Abstraction, Surrealism or Pop art.

Art pieces which have not being created as embodied museum objects, but to enjoy their beauty and to decorate and inspire any home, office or hotel. The way to transform any empty space into a luxurious and creative textile scheme. Rooms dressed with furnishing fabrics where the decoration is a motive and the fabric just the justification for creating, and for capturing the art itself….


And there is no need to be a great well-known designer… all it is needed is a talented artist.


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