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‘Color revolution’. Textile design and color at their peak

13 September 2019


A sensation produced by light rays that stimulate our visual organs depending on the length of their lightwaves.

A peculiar characteristic of certain objects.

A special quality that distinguishes a specific style.

We live all three of these definitions of “color” on a daily basis and in a very practical way whenever we decorate spaces and transform them with fabrics. Indeed, few emotions can compare to that generated by the color of a defined space.  Drapery fabrics full of lively colors and light have the power to convince us to leave outdated, somber decorating ideas behind as we delve into unique, more intense worlds.

All because the color of the fabrics we chose lends a vitality, personality, and charisma that makes our surroundings more human by giving them life and generating a sincere and direct dialogue with the other elements found in the spaces where they are used.

One of the great, new fabric lines for both the home and contract spaces that we here at Equipo DRT have developed for this season is based on our “Dare to combine” philosophy. This approach encompasses a series of textile decoration ideas and suggestions that include various textures and colors.  Lose your fear. Believe. Grow. Feel.

One only needs to see how a whole room can change when color comes into play. How a space’s strengths are enhanced and how color can downplay any weak points to the point of making them disappear.

Our drapery and upholstery fabric lines Clio, Ceres, Meyer, and San Carlo offer only a taste of the strength and power of color, of the way these fabrics and their “color revolution” can integrate various spaces. Because spaces can be harmonious, simple, even discreet, but when those light rays burst onto the scene and define the whole style, what a difference it makes!


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