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Endless summer in the Mediterranean by Mariscal

05 September 2018

Javier Mariscal, a successful designer and creator of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games mascot, fills Equipo DRT’s collection with a Mediterranean vibe. He is a member of the Memphis Group. This (The Russafa) signature collection of 6 indoor/outdoor fabrics brings you closer to #MediterraneanLiving.

Summer is here, with all the excitement it brings. It prompts us to think about the long days and short nights, about mornings spent eating breakfast outdoors, about cafe tables with seaside views. About days spent on the beach, equipped with towels, books, and various odds and ends to entertain the younger family members. Or maybe we think about days spent in the countryside, enjoying picnics beneath tall pine trees that shelter us from the sun and invite us to enjoy a long summer nap. Or we think of the days in the gardens and the small towns, where our neighbors bring their chairs out to the pavement to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the passersby, the time of year that allows us to breathe deeply, relax our souls, and relieve  our workaday stress.

For us, these days have common motif: the flame-retardant, outdoor fabrics of the Russafa line, designed by Javier Mariscal exclusively for Equipo DRT. It these textiles, the designer has given form to the essence of the Mediterranean that envelops us, brings warmth, and improves the quality of our surroundings. More than a mere collection of curtain fabrics, Russafa is an evocation of all things Mediterranean, of fruit groves, gardens, and the seaside. Of us and of you; of the air, the sun, and the sea.  Of elemental feelings and sensations. Of the emotions of a person for whom the sensation of coming home for Christmas lasts 365 days a year.

The six fabrics that comprise the collection – Russafa, Alboraia, Malvarrosa, Floralis, Saler, and Matiscal — are summer itself. They are the Mediterranean, its salty air and its sunshine. The way in which each person makes these fabrics their own lends them their definitive charm; they will fill any corner or space with color so that every morning you will feel that you are waking up to a summer day on the coast of the Mediterranean.




mariscal-fabric-saler-equipodrt mariscal-fabric-floralis-equipodrt mariscal-design-fruits-fabric

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