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cortinas comedor recicladas en Londres cargado solar en ventana

Equipo DRT and 19 Greek Street in London Design Festival join forces for a committed, sustainable lifestyle

15 September 2015

The textile editor firm Equipo DRT will be participating from 17 to 27 September in ‘The Art of Progress’ exhibition, a show by the London design studio 19 Greek Street including the very ‘Talking textiles’ upcycled ‘Up’ fabric.

“A movement for a more ethical lifestyle. A meeting of pioneers in design and lifestyle. A forum for re-thinking our consumer habits.” That’s how the London design studio 19 Greek Street defines this show running from 17 to 27 September in which they hope to have more impact on society and the environment, convincing people to turn towards a more responsible and ethical way of life.

This is the crux of the collaboration between Equipo DRT and ‘The Art of Progress’. Marc Peridis, one of the founders of 19 Greek Street, first saw Equipo DRT’s upcycled ‘Up’ project at Maison Objet París and now he found the perfect reason for contacting them for a social-awareness project using textiles – something that fits in nicely with the ‘Talking textiles’ philosophy of this textile design firm from Spain.

“From 17 to 27 September we are in London, dressing up part of two of the five floors of the gallery where young members of the studio will be exhibiting their art and current collective consciousness. We’ll be contributing with two curtains using Up-Swing on the first floor and four Up-Home curtains on the second”, says Equipo DRT.

Upcycled fabrics from Equipo DRT coincide completely with the values being shown in this precursor of living in greater consciousness: they embody all the concepts of sensitive and sustainable design.

“From the time we began developing this product in Valencia, it proved to be a step forward in our commitment to responsible and sustainable textile design. These fabrics come from recycled polyester, showing our bid for better living, a better environment, and a better future for all. Making our surroundings more habitable, warm and inviting. Thanks to their material, their composition.”

All these sensitivity, sustainably luxury, balance, humanised concepts and mindfulness woven into fabrics will be on show in London in the versions Up-Swing and Up-Home (Up also has its versions Up-Loop and Up-Twist). An exercise in mindfulness. Textile consciousness within reach of all.






cortinas comedor recicladas en Londres cargado solar en ventana

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