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Embroidered linens, a passport to different cultures

24 June 2014

The classic embroidery gets reinvented every single day. It comes alive and reinforced with the symbolism and strength of the geometric motives, the colours and designs from other worlds and cultures. So that is Equipo DRT’s trend proposal for its new collection. Three 100% pure embroidered linen fabrics, that not only talk, listen, decorate and inspire, they also transport us to the Moroccan’s art and culture, colours and textures. From Agadir, from Fez, from…


We must recognize it. We are fascinated for its traditions and customs, for its oriental magic, for its lifestyle, for its mix of the XXI century with the Middle Ages. Its hand-crafted ceramics, its traditional leather and fabric production inspire generation after generation… We are talking about Morocco. Its essence and its art is strongly connected to its trading tradition and its geometric-based patterns. These pure designs and motifs have been developed over the centuries and countries, impregnating its warmth and its perfume everywhere they go.

Crossing the frontiers and being transported to this country, breathing in its culture and walking among the crowd. This is the way Equipo DRT’s designs Agadir and Fez came alive for new this collection. These 100% embroidered linens are the evidence of eastern magic, the image of Moroccan woodwork, the image of its mosques… Take the Moroccan inspired collection of linens to your home and transform that cosy corner into an unique and incomparable scheme.


Get the maximum of its symbolist and colour palette and use these fabrics for your curtains, upholstered armchairs or cushion sets.

We come across three embroidered fabrics, three designs, each one woven in three different colours. Therefore, Agadir and Fez bring to us a colour palette from beige and stone grey to deep red shades with brown base, enhanced thanks to the richness of gold and orange colour touches. The colour scheme for the Moroccan essence, its charm and philosophy.

Kashmir is much more adventurous in terms of colour, updating the traditional cashmere motif with vive hues: with mikonos blue and vivacious fucsia. And also a more natural colour palette: warm grey and moss green.


This is a lovely style, sophisticated and exquisitely designed: an ethnic atmosphere as striking as refined. It inspires you and makes you feel and travel without living home, transforming your ambiences into inviting and magic spaces… Oh Morocco and its essence, Oh, Agadir, Fez and Kashmir…



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