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Transforming your hotel with curtains: how to choose the right fire-retardant fabrics

30 January 2023

Hotels are places where safety is essential, and fireproof curtains are an important safety measure. The textile company Equipo DRT offers high-quality curtain fabrics, many of which are made with Trevira thread or FR Polyester. This type of fabric is made up of synthetic fibers that catch fire easily and do not emit toxic smoke, which is ideal in case of a fire.

For those who are wondering, Trevira is a type of synthetic fiber with a registered trademark used in the manufacture of fabrics. It is a heat-stable polyester, meaning it does not melt at high temperatures, making it ideal for use in fireproof fabrics. Additionally, Trevira fibers do not emit toxic smoke like other synthetic fibers when burned, making them safer in case of fire. These features make Trevira an excellent option for fabrics used in safety applications such as curtains, upholstery, and workwear.

In addition to its fire resistance, these fabrics are also resistant to abrasion and wear, making them ideal for prolonged use in public spaces. They are also easy to clean and maintain, which is important in a work environment.

Savoy, Rohe, Meyer, Boreas, Akilon, Dedalo, Perseo, or Ceres are some of the fabrics offered by Equipo DRT, a wide variety of designs and colors for fireproof fabrics, allowing customers to customize curtains in line with their tastes and preferences. Designed for hotels and projects due to their Class 1 rating, fire and wear resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and wide range of designs and colors. If you are looking for a safe and stylish solution for curtains and window coverings, do not hesitate to consider Equipo DRT's fabric collections.


Types of Curtains for Hotels

Different types of curtains are used in hotels depending on the area and use. Some examples of common hotel curtains are:

  • Blackout Curtains: designed to block out the sun's light and provide privacy for guests. They are commonly used in hotel rooms to help guests sleep better. They can be 'dimout', partially blackout curtains like Boreas which covers up to 99% of light entry, or 'blackout', fully blackout curtains like Harrison Blackout, which reaches 100% blockage.
  • Room Dividers: used to divide a room into two different areas, such as a living room and a bedroom. They're a good idea for hotels with suites and rooms with kitchens. The Beta model would be a good candidate.
  • Decorative Curtains: mainly for aesthetic purposes and used to complement the room's design. If greater customization, adding style to the space or for themed spaces is sought. Can you imagine Kubic or Cefiro?
  • Fireproof Curtains: specific to withstand fire and provide additional protection in case of emergency. They are used in areas at high risk of fire, such as conference rooms and public and private areas of hotel use. From Clio FR to Orfeo comply with this property.

In general, the curtains used in hotels must be of high quality, durable and easy to maintain. Additionally, they must comply with local safety regulations and standards.


Fireproof Sheer, Blackout Curtain or Both

Combining a  sheer with a curtain is an excellent way to add a touch of elegance and privacy to a room. Some tips for combining a blind with a curtain can be:

  • Choose colors that complement each other to create a visual harmony in the room. For example, if the curtains are navy blue, you can choose a cream or beige blind for a soft contrast.
  • Take into account the room style when choosing the sheer design. For example, if the room has a traditional style, you can choose a blind with a weave design or a floral print.
  • Consider the function of each. The sheer is primarily used to filter light and provide privacy, while curtains are for blocking light and providing privacy. It is important to choose the right fabrics for each and that they complement each other.
  • Don't forget the appropriate length for the blind and curtains. The blind should hang just below the top of the curtains so they don't overlap.
  • Play with patterns. If you have simple patterned curtains, you can add a touch of interest to the room with a blind with a more eye-catching pattern. Solids and prints or jacquards always work.
  • Use the right accessories such as rods and rails to hang the curtains. Make sure the accessories are of the same style and color to create a coordinated appearance.


Best Decorated Hotels in the World

And to finish, as a source of inspiration, we leave you a mini list of special hotels for their interior design. There are many hotels around the world with impressive decorations and designs, each highlighted for using elements that at the time were references and from which numerous versions have arisen. Some examples of hotels known for their decoration are:

  • The Plaza Hotel in New York. A hotel that has a French-style decoration and a mix of Art Deco and Beaux Arts styles.
  • The Ritz-Carlton in Paris, with a classic French-style decoration with elegant and sophisticated details in all rooms and common areas.
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills famous for its pastel tones and tropical styles with a Hollywood touch.
  • The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok with traditional Thai style with carved wood details and silk fabrics.
  • The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, an icon of traditional Arab style with opulent and luxurious details in all rooms and common areas.
  • The Waldorf Astoria in New York, Art Deco style, with elegant and sophisticated details in all rooms and common areas.

We hope to have helped with some ideas on how to transform a hotel by choosing the most suitable functional design curtains. In the end, as with everything, the key is to choose good fabrics that add to the overall project concept.


how to choose the right fire-retardant fabrics red-satin-fire-retardant-fabrics fire-retardant-upholstery-equipodrt otoman-fire-resistant-fabric-pink-equipo-drt curtains for hotel equipodrt

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