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'Living on an ornamental Earth'; the new fabric collection by Equipo DRT makes your decorating projects warm and alive

08 January 2016

The fabric editor Equipo DRT launches its new January 2016 collection. Textiles designed to decorate spaces with quality and comfort. The new fabric collection will make your projects as elegant as harmonic, as pure as stimulating, as warm as alive.

Purity, crystalline textures, warmth, urban introspective and comfort are just a few words to describe Equipo DRT’s January 2016 collection: “Living on an Ornamental Earth”.

Fabrics designed and developed for cozy living spaces, featuring the style, warmth and energy of nature. Home interiors, hotels, restaurants… No matter if it’s a long or short term stay… Just creating living spaces focused on the ornamental environment, the quality of interior fabrics and the pure and natural feel they transmit.

The smart geometries of Prisma; the floating stripes of Samara; the 100% Trevira CS fire-retardant designs Ufa, Omega and Basel; the washable Velvet for contract use; the ornamental and floral patterns Fanny and Morgana… A fantastic fabric collection of infinite repeats to decorate with a personal touch.

And this is what Equipo DRT does, bringing the “Ornamental Earth” sensitivity to the market to create “living” areas where nature-inspired decoration becomes a lifestyle.



As if it were a piece of jewellery, the textile design Prisma seduces us with its geometry, elegance and beauty. Mixing different textured diamonds on this fine organza fabric; makes prismathe perfect touch for high-end decoration projects. This design can also be used in contract projects as it is 100% Trevira CS.




Stripped curtain fabric in 100% Trevira CS. Stripes of 3 centimeters are interleaved with the ultra-transparent organza fabric creating a visual effect of solid stripes flying on air. Certified for contract spaces as hotels and restaurants.




100% Trevira CS curtain fabric expressively intended to create a semi-plain and striking visual impact. Overlaying vertical and horizontal threads on a transparent fabric makes Omega aN unique design. This fabric is suitable for both residential and contract spaces. Taking care of the smallest details, this fabric will refine every decoration project with its avant-garde technique and its design.




The exquisite curtain fabric Morgana impresses with its combination of flower silhouettes and pixel-like elements, revealing its complete design when the light passes through it. At first glance everything is perfectly connected. Looking closely, the design will put all its charm on display, creating a singular decorative impact. Its richness and gracefulness is the singular result of combining opacity and transparency with burn out and printing techniques. Maybe this is not Morgana’s magic, but it looks like. Burn-out.



Fabric for curtains simulating a Birdseye pattern. Its textured effect is achieved byoverlayingdifferent fabrics withyarns on surface, creating little ovals. Acis is a sheer which lets light come in but keeps a warm and semi-private atmosphere thanks to its faux-plain surface.




Vertical stripped fabric inspired on the classic herringbone pattern. A subtle double herringbone motif is woven on every single stripe enhancing the rectilinear visual effect of the curtainenlarging the room volume.




Fanny is a Versailles-Style curtain fabric with elegant floral damask motives. Gently draping and with an extremely soft hand, this sophisticated and light fabric represents an improvement in burn-out technique. Burn-out.



Inspired by Greco-Roman classical architectural ornaments, this glamorous curtain in burn-out quality mixes transparency with splendid details. Carlota is a unique organza stropicciato sheer with a band on the bottom which frames elegantly its classical design. Burn-out.



Washable 100% Trevira CS velvet.  Perseo is our new plain velvet upholstery collection. This super-soft and resistant fabric (100.000 martindale) can be washed at 30º. Suitable for upholstery in both residential and contract uses.Perseo is available in 26 colours.


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