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Pocket, a transparent curtain fabric ... with pockets!

04 March 2014

Organizing and decorating at once, mission accomplished thanks to this 100% Trevira CS muselin Pocket. Elegant and useful fabric for residential areas or public spaces. This fabric, designed by Equipo DRT, will let your imagination run wild. What about you? What would you slip into these pockets? We suggest you some clever ideas.


How to make the most of a space is one of the main worries when designing and decorating a house, an hotel or any scheme. Facing this dilemma, the new Equipo DRT’s curtain fabric, Pocket, becomes our partner as a good taste organizer which offers you fun and appeals at your imagination. This 100% Trevira CS muselin has a singularity, which will be very helpful: the pockets!!

This useful feature makes of Pocket a great option for residential or hospitality interior projects. For kids game rooms or offices, this fabric can be used as organizer or room divider. You will get both practical and functional spaces, as the fabric it is.


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