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Sinua: the magic of the linen collection by Equipo DRT

31 August 2017

Decorating is an art and Sinua is like magic that emerges to give meaning to a warm, lively and fresh environment like the linen fabrics that make it up.

The Collection made of 100% linen by Equipo DRT is all about natural fabrics and aimed at those who care about design and can appreciate natural fabrics that stretch out in summer and shrink in winter. It has been designed to decorate and illuminate spaces where softness and subtlety is perceived through its simplicity.

Sustainability starts with yourself and your own immediate environment. The thirty fabrics for curtains of our Collection blend in perfectly thanks to its intrinsic simplicity. Some are enhanced with mesh and lurex details, whites, greiges and indigos to harmonize spaces. Additionally, Linen COEX, fireproof, linen fabrics are available for contract projects.

Because magic takes place without us even realizing it, just like Sinua.

100% soft linen fabrics: Arca, Babilonia, Baobab, Gea, Gea Lurex, Kibo, Kibo Coex, Linas, Linway, Morelino, Nabuco, Pellava, Scala, Sherezade, Sinua, Tarkan and Tilo soft linen textile designs.


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