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Timeless naturals: the new collection 'Fil a Fil' becomes a must-have for curtains

02 October 2015

More than 80 decorative fabrics, incorporating sixteen brand-new designs, compose this book. It is an essential catalogue from Equipo DRT for textile decoration. The collection captivates by the natural color palette and the warmth of these fabrics for indoor, outdoor and contract projects.

‘Fil a Fil’ is an updated version of a classic. Equipo DRT relaunches this renewed masterpiece for its September 2015 collection with 82 unique wide width fabrics.

Always in white and natural colours, ‘Fil a Fil’ refresh itself with new designs, enriching the exquisite collection of timeless fabrics. The collection contains high-quality sheers like Treviso, Siena, Escocia, Praga, Tebas, Gredos, Sorrento and Trocadero, classic bestsellers from the company.

Sixteen new textures, including fabrics for outdoor, indoor and contract, transform the Fil a Fil catalogue into a must-have for textile decoration.




These are the new fabrics incorporated to Equipo DRT’s collection ‘Fil a Fil':

Textured plains

Palma: semi-transparent curtain fabric. Thanks to its special texture and its slightly crushed look, this fabric transmits a comfortable and natural feel.

Palma Lurex: semi-transparent curtain fabric with a natural effect and texture. Gold and Silver lurex threads transform this classic into a trendy option.

Matua: wool-blendedcurtain fabric. It also stands out for its organic and twisted design.

Mantua liso: plain wool-blendedcurtain fabric. A reminiscent of the Nordic design.

Egeo: semi-transparent curtain fabric. A refine combination of classic spike icon design and irregular and vertical stripes with different textures and widths.A classic that never goes out of style.

Wild: reversible plain curtain fabric with an impressive subtle texture. Surprising effect of combining matte and slightly shiny faces; the result of intertwine linen and polyester threads with and innovative weaving technique.


Premium quality plains

Sidi: 100% cotton fabric. The softness transformed to fabric.

Prato: 100% wool fabric for curtains.

Win:  dense and heavy decorationfabric: 61% cotton – 39% linen in 300cm., suitableforcurtains and upholstery.



Spoleto, Buc y Berna join the previous FR collection (Savoy, Helios, Clio FR)

Spoleto: transparent and high-quality muslin in 100% Trevira CS.

Buc: fire-retardant curtain fabric with three-dimensional diamond pattern.

Berna: fire-retardantsemi-opaque curtainfabric, in 330cm., suitableforupholstery and curtains.


Upcycled Textiles

Up-home 200 and Up-home 300, two recycled designs from PET.


Outdoor fabrics

Along with Chill-out and Linosa, here comes Malta, the new semi-transparent and semi-dense outdoor curtain fabric, gently falling.

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