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Solaris 990 Bruma

Ref. 21439

Fabric innovation designed to optimize ambient light and thermal control. Solaris is an elegant, textured fabric, which reflects sun light, improving thermal comfort in a room. It also prevents sun glare on computer and TV screens and provides privacy and heat protection. The inner side of the fabric has a natural, appealing texture. The outer side (the once closest to the window) is made from a special yarn that helps reflect heat and light away. Solaris, by EQUIPO DRT, is the choice functional and decorative fabric for enhanced light and thermal management, creating a perfect balance inside and outside.

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87% Pol. 9% Lin. 4% Lana/Wool


330 cm.


617 gr.

Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Valid for


Glare and heat protection for homes.

Care instructions

Other colours

014 Greige


014 Greige

Ref 21440

011 Nacar


011 Nacar

Ref 21438

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