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green velvet linen fabric Scala Equipo DRT velvet printed armchair gran mogol equipodrt sofa black velvet equipo drt

The velvet (r)evolution: from luxurious Italian theatres to digital printing

04 May 2016

San Carlo, Liceo, Scala and Perseo. Four velvet collections from Equipo DRT that create ideal environments with a range of new decorative options. For example, digital print technology using printing systems that create elegant fabric for upholstery, sophisticated velvet.

As an icon of elegance, power and sophistication, velvet was first invented by the Egyptians over three thousand years ago, who donned fabrics similar to today’s velvet in the age of hieroglyphics. But it was the great Italian theatres and villas which from the 16th onwards gave this fabric the esteem in which it is held today. 

Its capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation in spaces where it was used as stage curtains and backdrops, together with its sheer decorative luxury in looks and feel, converted it into a benchmark for fashion in fine textile decoration.

Over the years, this prestige has given rise to new textile formulas that have enabled velvet to be used more extensively. Just like all fabrics, this one, too, have evolved over the years, incorporating different qualities based on the fibres used in weaving.

As an example of this, Equipo DRT now offers four different qualities of velvet in its collection, all impregnated with the influence of the great Italian theatres, operas and villas, as shown in their names: San Carlo, a velvet made from cotton; Liceo, where we find velvet made in viscose; Scala, in linen; and Perseo, the latest launch, made in washable Trevira, a totally «contract» velvet.



A cotton velvet. The Naples opera house, known as Teatro di San Carlo, provided the inspiration for this velvet collection from Equipo DRT. This is velvet fabric that unveils all its splendour, imbuing practically everything with its delicacy and luxury – from the stage curtain itself, to the costumes of sopranos and tenors.



A washable and fireproof 100% Trevira CS velvet. Perseo is a velvet for upholstery that is washable at water temperatures of 30ºC for delicate clothes, and as such is highly resistant, with a Martindale of 100,000 rubs. It is ideal for chairs and sofas for heavy use in homes, as well as for contract hotels and installations. Available in 26 colours.



Rich, elegant velvet in linen for upholstery pieces and sophisticated decoration projects, in pure simple lines, where the fabric offers a sturdy structure and stands out both for its texture and for its selected range of over 26 colours in the Scala range.



With a slightly aged effect, giving rise to a matt and glossy mixture, Liceo is the most ornamental fabric in this velvet collection from Equipo DRT. This fabric is intended for upholstery and curtains, in 100% viscose, achieving an effect that is irregular on a surface of over 30 different colours thanks to its ironed finish.


In addition, our technological innovation has enabled us to achieve another milestone in velvet manufacturing in the form of digital printing. Thus, customers can find experience printed velvets with brilliant colourways that provide lots of decorative possibilities when using this fabric.

Fontanebleau Velvet and Gran Mogol Velvet, as well as the animal prints from Equipo DRT, are some of the examples of how velvet has gained ground in nuances, designs and options, even becoming decorative elements in themselves, in addition to offering plain colours and textile quality.

Although some users have traditionally left velvet in the background, it now continues to gain followers due to its quality, decorative possibilities and wealth of ornamentation.

green velvet linen fabric Scala Equipo DRT velvet printed armchair gran mogol equipodrt sofa black velvet equipo drt

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